WHY we present awards

Everyone deserves recognition for a job well done, and for making a commitment to musical growth and improvement.

We believe that understanding the quality of your performance is a true measure of success, and helps ensembles chart their own course towards excellence. At the Grand Finale Awards Presentation, all ensembles will be recognized for their achievements...and together we will celebrate the efforts of all the musicians who participated in the events.

All participating groups receive a quality rating, based on the following scale:

  • Superior (90-100 points)
  • Excellent (80-89.9 points)
  • Good (70-79.9 points)
  • Fair (60-69.9 points)
  • Poor (0-59.9 points)

For ensembles that choose to compete in addition to the ratings, groups are ranked within their classification. All ensembles receive a trophy showing their rating or ranking to take home and proudly display in their school!

What kind of awards and recognition are presented?

Along with competing groups receiving placement trophies, when there are at least two groups competing in a category, we offer special awards for highest scoring ensembles in various classes.

We offer outstanding individual and section awards in our Choral and Jazz Ensemble categories.

Our Esprit de Corps Award recognizes the participating organization that displays an exemplary attitude of positive support and outstanding personal behavior throughout the festival weekend. Personal integrity, quality character values, a desire for excellence, and a spirit of cooperation serve as the cornerstone qualities of the Esprit de Corps Award.