Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you are utilizing a travel planner, please refer to their information for cancellation guidelines.

In the event it is necessary for a school to withdraw from the festival, a full refund will be made provided cancellation is received 60 days prior to your scheduled adjudication date. All cancellations must be submitted via our website.

Cancellation received less than 60 days prior to adjudication will result in a cancellation fee of $25.00 per person.

Cancellation received less than 30 days before departure will cause forfeiture of all payments. If payments do not equal $25.00 per person plus any additional cancellation penalties, you will be invoiced for the balance.

If web cancellation is not received, all applicable cancellation penalties will apply.

Please note: This policy remains in effect regardless of School Board policy changes and world events. Such circumstances do not negate the cancellation policy.