Why Festivals of Music?


Remember WHY you decided to teach music?

Speaking for ourselves, it was…

  • Because we loved to sing or play our instruments
  • How we felt being a part of an ensemble that created something beautiful
  • The incredible people we encountered on our musical journey
  • Because we wanted to create that experience over and over again for young musicians

As colleagues, we are confident that you share our commitment to the importance of music education, and have experienced the profound changes it can create in the lives of students.

Like you as a conductor and educator, we take music education very seriously. Founded in 1982 by Dr. James Wells, then Director of Bands at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, the focus of Festivals of Music has always been:

  • creating high quality performance and clinic events
  • connecting you with outstanding educators who can reinforce the musicianship you teach daily
  • providing guidance towards that next level of performance excellence

Our nationwide team of caring and enthusiastic educators and musicians realize the importance and responsibility of this opportunity to serve you, and the long lasting positive effects it can have on young lives and music programs. Because we’ve been there, we understand the needs of performing ensembles….and their love of music.

This is what makes a difference for you and your ensemble.

We are grateful that you are considering joining us at a Festivals of Music event this coming season. Thank you for going that extra mile to provide your students with a growth opportunity that will benefit them and your program for years to come.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what your fellow music educators have to say about their Festivals of Music experiences: